Research & Services Request

To balance Mundo Translated vision to pursue work that can produce social good and its ethical approach, all research and services requests are assessed individually by careful analysis of its goal and intended use. We especially welcome research requests where the design can include migrant and refugee voices and the findings will be used to promote rights-based policy changes and expand the knowledge base on the detrimental effects of draconian migration policies.


Mundo Translated carries out customized research and policy analysis on global migration and associated global governance processes. We provide production of evidence-based, policy-relevant research; evidence-based research for the improvement of on-ground operations; monitoring and evaluation oriented research; context based research, relevant to the development of country and situational reports.


Provide a comprehensive 360º outlook bridging knowledge from advocacy, policy-making, on-field research & operations positions us as an unmatched consultancy in research, monitoring, and evaluation of programs, advocacy actions, and on-field responses. We provide tailored methodologies and program design oriented to support researchers, decision-makers and policy-makers.

Technical Assistance

Connect organisations to the world: Proving expert support to translate academic research and advocacy campaigns (English, Spanish, Italian, French). We address specific needs in translating technical and academic content to broaden the understanding and empathy within a new cultural outlook i.e. localize them to target specific regions and audiences.

Platform for Social Change

Mundo Translated serves as an online Platform to increase awareness of specific migration advocacy campaigns and reports. We provide customized communication strategies to bridge interlocutors in the field and expand audience targets and support the development of advocacy actions based on a research based strategy building approach.