Vanessa V. Landeta

Refugee, Migration and Foreign Affairs policy & operations Advisor
Vanessa V. Landeta

Refugee, Migration and Foreign Affairs policy & operations Advisor.

Interested to learn about displacement, conflict and human security, from a young age, Vanessa started her career by being involved in community outreach projects, engaging with displaced communities and supporting human rights advocacy in South America, Africa, and Europe. Advising on corporate social responsibility projects and collaborating with European community networks to develop & implement emergency operational strategies for the reception of refugees directed her to be involved with research and governmental work that aims to bridge policy & law making with on-field humanitarian operational strategies & on ground responses. In 2016, she played an important advisory role to the National Government on the management of IDPs camps in Ecuador and developed their National Camp Management Model.

In research and policymaking, she has primarily focused on international policy and legal analysis on securitization and asylum, border security, and transborder crime.  Based on analytical strategy building she has supported research & policy processes at both national and bilateral level in the areas of border security and humanitarian operations, border and risk management projects and international cooperation frameworks. In this area, Vanessa has developed various M&E methodologies to monitor security concerns and actions in border zones and created security monitoring methodologies to analyse trends in trans-border recruitment to criminal organized groups.

I believe both on-field responses and rights based policies can only be advanced by addressing and exploring, through research, contentious and overlapping issues. For example, in an era where States forcibly and systematically detain and remove people from their homes solely based on their immigration status one cannot talk about forced displacement only within a refugee studies outlook.